Theatre Equipment

Basic theatre equipment consists of:


1 – Midas M-32 Digital Mixer

6 – McCauley SM850 w/Crown MacroTech Power Amps.

1 – Sennheiser SKM 635 vocal mic

4 – Audio Technica 892 wireless handheld mics

1 – Shure ULX wireless system /w SM 58 head

6 – Shure SM 58 mic
3 – Heil PR 30 mics

2 – Sennheiser MD 421 mics

1 – Audix D6 Kick mic

4 – CAD Stage 7 Drum mic set

2 – Shure VP 64 Condenser mics

3 – Pyle PDC 2 passive direct box

1 – Whirlwind EDB 1 passive direct box

1 – Whirlwind IMP 2 passive direct box

1 – Behringer Ultra DI Pro 4 channel direct box

1 – Behringer active direct box

1 – 100′ 28 channel XLR stage snake.

1 – 50’ 16 channel XLR stage snake.

1 –   6’   4 channel stage snake

5 – Short boom stands.

8 – Long boom stands.

4 – Straight mic stands
2 – 100’ XLR cables

4 – 50’ XLR cables

25 – 30’ XLR cables

10 – 10’ XLR cables

5 – 3’ XLR cables

H.E.T. Video Capabilities

Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio Pro HD 8 input/ output switcher
Blackmagic HD SD-Card Recorder
4 AIDA-Imaging Robotic HD PTZ cameras. 2-fixed FOH, 2 moveable stage area cameras
Sony Camera Controller
1 Wireless Sony 4K roaming camera (camera operator required)
1 DELL HD Graphics overlay PC with B-roll video option (touchscreen)
1 HP HD System Control PC (touchscreen)
1 DELL HD Live Stream monitoring PC (touchscreen)
Sling Studio HD Streaming controller with 6 th (wireless) camera option
2-100” HD Projection monitors on each side of the stage.
Audio patched from/ to house Midas M32 console for live stream events.
Video Production
We provide the transport system to get audio and video to the streaming provider. The
performer is responsible to provide any additional graphics or videos that are part of the overall
production. Any content provided to HET should be formatted for 1080p 59.94. Production
meetings should be scheduled 2 weeks prior to the event to enable all parties to work out the
details and logistics for the event.
Video Recording Option
We record and provide the raw video as it was originally streamed out. We do not edit or
modify the file which is available for upload to your preferred online storage vendor such as
Dropbox. The files are stored for 30 days and then deleted. You must provide a link for us to
upload the video file to within that 30 day period. HET may elect to archive the video file for
purposes of training or demonstration. Use of the recorded video content for commercial
purposes or public display is prohibited outside of the theater unless approved by both parties.
Royalties are paid for the live show but do not extend to the re-broadcast of any video content.
Written permission must be given by HET for any public viewing of video files outside the
theater. Portions of the video file are approved for promotional purposes so long as they don’t
play an entire copy-written song. Re-streaming the show video file for purposes of pay-per-view
are covered under the original royalty agreement and must be done from the theater in order
to comply with the agreement.
Set-Up & Sound Checks
Setup should allow ample time for a quality sound check, lighting, video with staging and
rigging. A minimum of 4 hours before showtime is requested. Some events may need to be set-
up one or two days prior to allow time for complex staging and rigging.

20 Front lights, mixture of Leko’s and led’s. Stage lights in addition we have the the ability to provide 14 moving fixtures, 90  hanging and floor fixtures, lekos, frenels,pars and plenty of leds.  Haze (no floor haze) and several specials when using our lighting engineer.



Brightness: 10,000 Lumens Contrast:2,200:1
Auto Iris: No
Resolution: 1024×768
Native Aspect Ratio: 16:10
Color Processing: 10-bit
Projector Size: 19 cm x 37 cm x 44 cm (HxWxD) Weight:11.4 kg
Video Modes: 720p, 1080i, 480p, 480
iData Modes: MAX 1600×1200